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ASSI for Airside Safety Inspection

Airside Safety Inspection System (ASSI) is a location-based app for airside safety and surveillance. It reports inspection activities on runway, pavement and airside supported by photo, timestamp and coordinate location. ASSI is used as end user interface for Hitachi’s high precision Foreign Object Debris Detection System at Kuala Lumpur International Airport, with key features to notify detection and removal status of foreign object debris for faster action, safer and more efficient airside monitoring.


iSmartRentice provides comprehensive report and analysis on right of way (ROW) physical observation. Our high precision data collection method with four flying routes per span to capture clear image on ground vegetation. The processed image is overlapped with existing PTI database and coordinate geo reference with lot cadaster number. Including precise ROW coordinate image mapping and width of rentice. The state of the art data analysis offering extensive report on grass area, average height of possible hazard trees and encroachment activities.


SMSParkir is an end-to-end parking management solution system covering payment, enforcement, prosecution & data management customized to the need of Malaysian local municipalities. SMSParkir offers IoT platform solution for open and closed parking management supported by an integrated enforcement system that utilizes user-friendly, innovative and secure mobile micro payment (via SMS and mobile app) that enables real time monitoring and efficient data management. Licensed to Zen Trillion Sdn Bhd and currently implemented in over 60,000 parking bays gazette by MBIP, MPS and MDCH.


A complete end-to-end local council’s payment gateway supported with integrated mobile enforcement module: issuing of notice, compound billing generations, premises assessment, stall fee and collection, public complaints, illegal advertisement report and etc.

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