Our Technology


• SMSParkir is an end-to-end parking management solution system covering payment, enforcement, prosecution & data management customized to the need of Malaysian local municipalities.
• SMSParkir offers IoT platform solution for open and closed parking management supported by an integrated enforcement system that utilizes user-friendly, innovative and secure mobile micro payment (via SMS and mobile apps) that enables real time monitoring and efficient data management.
• Licenced to Zen Trillion Sdn Bhd and currently implemented in over 30,000 parking bays gazetted by MPJBT.


A complete end-to-end local councils payment gateway supported with integrated mobile enforcement module : issuance of notice, compound billing generations, premises assessment, stall fee and collection, public complaints, illegal advertisement report and etc. Licensed & operated by Zen Trillion Sdn Bhd.


• Data Collection: 4 flying routes per span to capture clear image for data plotting.
• Clear vegetation image: grass/non grass, average height of possible hazard trees, and analysis of suspected encroachment activities.
• Precise ROW coordinate image mapping and width of rentice.
• Processed image to be overlapped with existing PTI database and coordinate geo reference with lot cadaster number.